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The following table shows a comparison between the main prepaid funeral plan providers. It shows the advertised prices of funeral plans in November 2018 (including a contribution to third party costs) from the main plan providers. It also shows additional fees and commissions often taken from the starting plan prices. These additional sums dramatically reduce the starting value of the plan and seriously affect the potential future value that a funeral director will receive to carry out your funeral. Do you want your family to have to find more money at the time of need? It could happen.

More information can be found at the Open Prepaid Funerals Blog here.

Open have one single admin fee of just £195.00 which is included in our plan prices. The other providers listed all have fees and costs that are higher, some running to more than £1,100.00! Don't get caught out, choose Open.

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Plan Provider Income Per Plan
Plan Provider Cremation plan Standard
cheapest plan
mid-priced plan
Standard most
expensive plan
Total Plan
Price Deductions
Open Pre Paid Funerals £1,845 £2,995 £3,550 £4,100 £195 N/A £-195
Avalon £1,895 £3,645 £3,995 £4,245 N/A £1,295 £-1,295
Choice Plans (Funeral Partners) N/A £3,795 £3,995 £4,216 £500 N/A £-500
Dignity £2,400 £3,100 £3,800 £4,320 N/A £500 £-500
Golden Charter N/A £3,495 £3,850 £4,099 £249 £600 £-849
Golden Leaves £1,844 £3,204 £3,559 £3,809 £234 £500 £-734
Perfect Choice (Ecclesiastical) N/A £3,605 £3,915 £4,280 £175 £150 £-320
Pride Planning N/A £3,495 £3,895 £4,195 £250 £800 £-1,050
Safe Hands £1,895 £3,495 £3,795 £4,095 £250 £600 £-750
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It is Opens belief that funeral plans, although currently unregulated, are a financial product and as such should be bound by the same rules regarding transparency of fees and commissions as other regulated financial products. Open by name, open by nature.

The figures above show just how much of the money you pay is taken by the funeral plan provider and does not go towards the future value of your plan. In the end the figures speak for themselves don't they? If your plan value is too low then there just won't be enough money at the time of need.

The best way to buy a funeral plan is through your chosen independent funeral director. Ask them to choose Open or buy directly from us and we'll speak to the funeral director for you. Either way you'll be getting probably the most balanced option available today.

Additional Notes.

1. Other Additional Fees/Drawings - the figures in this column can vary with some providers so a balanced view has been taken and not just the highest value known to us has been shown.
2. If no initial administration fee has been shown then this is because it is not easily identifiable but has been wrapped up in the other additional fees/drawings column.
3. Golden Leaves only have a contribution towards disbursements of £940.00
4. The Golden Charter Value Plan is available at £2895 but only has a contribution towards 3rd party costs of £800 and other restrictions.
5. These figures have all been independently provided and of course may be subject to change. If you're unsure just ask the plan provider you're talking to for the facts about their plan deductions and ask for the figures to be put in writing to you.